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8 Tips To Teach You Differentiated LED Lighting Quality

Fireflier Lighting Limited | Updated: Feb 14, 2017

1, See the whole "lamp power factor": power factor is low, use power supply, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of the lamps, the power factor is low, use the best led lamp life not long.

2, See "lamp heats-materials, structure": LED lamp cooling is also very important, the same lamp and lamp beads with the quality of the power factor, if the thermalconditions, led at high temperatures, light failure will be very big, lamp life will be reduced.

3, See "lights": the LED lamp quality depends on the chip quality and packaging technology.

4, Lamp power supply, lamps and other parts of the service life of the power supply, life expectancy was much shorter, the life of power supply affect the whole life of the lamps, led the theoretical life of 5.1 million hours, and the life of power supply in the 0.2-30,000 hours, power supply design and material choice determines thelife of power supply.

5, See the light effects: the same bulb power, higher luminous efficiency, higher brightness, the same lighting, power consumption is smaller, more energy-efficient.

6, Power efficiency, power efficiency, the higher the better, higher, indicating power supply power more smaller, more power output.

7, Is to see whether they meet the safety standards? LED lamp safety standards are in place, press the safety standards set by the State select LED lighting.

8, Is whether work fine.