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LED Flood Light, LED Mining Lights, LED Flood Light To Make Energy Saving More Stingy

Fireflier Lighting Limited | Updated: Feb 14, 2017

Our lighting products are the production and consumption of power, lighting accounts for around 13% of electricity consumption of the whole society. Along with social progress, people's awareness of energy conservation and higher, and LED energy-saving lamps by consumers of all ages, contains LED flood light, LED mining lights, flood lights, LED plant lights, and many other species.

Compared with traditional lights, they have a high safety factor, low heat, low power consumption, long life, good color, reaction speed, no Flash frequency, not to hurt the eyes, thin, short and other significant advantages. If replace all 1.4 billion of in-use incandescent lamps LED flood light, LED flood light, LED mining lights, LED plant lights, when you can be saving 48 billion-kilowatt every year.

Some experts say: LED as the global race to develop emerging industries of strategic importance, become a crisis era facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading, new engines to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

With LED technology of constantly upgrade and cost constantly declined, LED voted light lamp, LED Pan light lamp, LED mining lamp, LED factory lamp, in city landscape lighting, and decorative lighting and the small size backlight field of application has into maturity; in in the big size backlight field, and big screen displayed field has into high-speed development of growth period; general lighting products is by import period into high-speed development of growth period.