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LED Floodlight A Brief Introduction And Features

Fireflier Lighting Limited | Updated: Feb 14, 2017

LED floodlight using flood lighting of building facades light up, is one of the important methods of the invention and beautify the urban landscape. This method notonly lighting to brighten the facade of the building, passing through careful planning of lighting planners also can invent more temptation than the day of moving, structured, emphasizing and prominent characteristics of the building. LED flood light is a point light that can shine evenly to all corners, its shining scale can be arbitrarily adjusted, in scenes shown as illustration of a regular octahedron.

But flood lighting is just one method of lighting the buildings, is by no means theonly, never lift the façade lighting would not belong to flood lighting, facade lighting is not equal to the floodlights. The floodlighting of buildings should have the following two conditions: the first is: according to the building's appearance shouldhave a certain amount of reflectance. Floodlight is a projection lamp light illuminated on the exterior of buildings, through its reflection, people see the brightness from the appearance on the direction of the investigation. Second: according to thereflective quality of the building looks the best is diffuse, need at least scattered reflection, various appearance will reflect light and lightness of appearance does notreflect the situation is different, directional reflection, can be roughly divided into three scattered reflection and diffuse reflection.

Little current, LED flood light temperature rise is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is higher, LED floodlight main wavelength will redshift and brightness will bereduced, poor light uniformity and consistency. Temperature rise on special dot-matrix, the big screen LED floodlight reliability, stability is more obvious. Heat dissipation plan is crucial. Floodlights from a particular point shining objects evenly in alldirections, by analogy of its light bulbs and candles the best however. Flood lightscan be placed anywhere in a scene. For example, can be placed in the camera outside the scale, or objects inside. Cosco interval using many different colors in the scene of the flood is very common. The floodlight can project the dark and mixedmodels. Because the floodlights shine on larger scale, floodlights shine is very simple to guess, and the light has many adjuvant use, for example, flood light placednear the object orientation of the appearance, the object looks brighter light on.

The color temperature of the LED floodlight can be sensitive choices between 4000-7000K, image index of up to 80 per cent, lamp light color is closer to the natural light. LED luminaire efficiency is high, about 90%LED led lighting consistent viewpoint with the glow of lamps viewpoint, lighting most of the light is shining directly into the designated area, only a small part is reflected, thus higher light utilization. LED lamps do not delay start of doubt can be connected at any time, at any time, you can easily complete intelligent energy saving controls.