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LED Street Light 6 Required Elements

Fireflier Lighting Limited | Updated: Feb 14, 2017

(1) Energy conservation with low current characteristic of high brightness. As LED lamps using LED lights must have low voltage, current, high brightness features, ensure that when properly used, high efficiency and energy saving.

(2) New green light, glare LED cold light source emits no harmful substances in thesmall no radiation used. LED environmentally better, no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, and waste recycling, free of mercury pollution are safe to touch, is typical of green lighting.

(3) Long life. LED street lighting due to continued use, when replacement is also more trouble to need volume replacement, so come when you choose, and long lifeare also important factors.

(4) The lighting structure. LED lighting will revolutionize lighting structures, according to the different requirements, structure of the LED lamp in conditions of increased initial brightness, rare earth again after increasing the brightness, improved optical lenses, its brightness is increased again. LED is made of epoxy-encapsulated solid state light source, its structure is not easily damaged parts, such as the glassbulb filament, is a solid structure and can therefore withstand shock, without beingdamaged.

(5) Color pure, light and color. As lamps using LED lights must light color simple, does not require too much noise while maintaining lighting also needs to ensure road safety.

(6) Safety. Using low voltage-driven LED light source, light stability, no pollution, nostrobe 50Hz AC power supply, no UV-b wavelengths, color rendering index Ra nearly 100 5000K color temperature, color temperature 5500K closest to the Sun. Cold light source is low heat no heat radiation and precise control of light-and beamangle, light color and soft, glare-free and mercury could harm the LED street lightsubstance such as sodium.